Pleasure Trip

How many of you would find a night in a ball stock a trip worth having?  I know one Trip who did.  Look closely at the photos below.  That wooden device you see clinging to the back of Trip's thighs is called the Humbler.  For obvious reasons, it is designed to humble a man by securing his balls behind him, stretching them taut, while making  it nearly impossible for the wearer to straighten his legs completely.  Of course a boy will be tempted to try, but it's not long before he bends back over again to alleviate the pressure.

I have discovered there are a couple variations of the Humbler design.  The standard model only has the two pieces you see here, which fit together to contain the balls.
Once screwed down tight, a groove in the wood rests against the back of the thighs, and creates resistance against the wearer (should he attempt to stand straight). There are also locks on either side for added security.

The model I found here (on E-Bay, of all places) includes a third piece, one designed to slide right into the curve of the wood (where the balls rest) and acts like a vise, simultaneously stretching and squeezing to whatever degree seems  appropriate.

Of course if you're a big boy, the flat side is much kinder.  Do think you could take it?

I began by putting the Humbler onto Trip and locking it in place.  Then came the vise.  Because of his unique dimensions, I used the flat side at first and worked slowly tightening, tightening.  Then I put him in English replica prison manacles, so he could move about with limited freedom, and discover what effect the Humbler had over curious restless boys.  He tried standing for a while, but that didn't last.  He tried lying down on the ground, but that became difficult.  He began to fidget, constantly readjusting himself to find small moments of relief.  It wasn't long before he got on his knees to minimize the pulling and squeezing his own movements created.

I just sat back and observed, charmed.  Inevitably, the most comfortable position for Trip was bent over on his knees (and later on his back).   Since this boy was a bit of a horse trainer, I thought it appropriate to watch him polish my riding boots, in his own special way.


Of course this was all merely warm up for the pleasure Trip was after.  Should I tell about the brand new toys he brought over...his electrical cock ring & electrical anal plug with 16 frequency/pulse settings (from "orgasm" to "torment").  Maybe another time, perhaps on a page dedicated to electrical play.  Let's just say the combination of my toys & his toys brought this boy to new heights.  


As for me, I love discovering the endless possibilty of sensuality, sex & sexiness, and the shadowy realms of the erotic.  Always there is a drive in me to find something unique and new in order to make a moment fresh and exciting. Today I have found and played with the erotic effect of the Humbler (and a little dabble into electrical play).  

What Pleasure Trip will tomorrow bring?  

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